Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Krabi Trip: Video Teaser

Enjoy our noobish first vimeo  from the  latest beach get away of beautiful Krabi, Thailand. 

Beach Bum,

Sky and Summer


  1. Really beautiful beach for people who enjoys exciting lives. Keep on travelling.

  2. Thanks Sir! We'll never stop travelling :)

  3. Love the video you made me feel as if I am part of your trip

  4. Cool video and shows how Krabi trip was so fun. I wish I can edit video this well too. I just made a video of my Angkor Wat run and I just mixed in the clips and pics.

  5. It's not impossible to visit Krabi, and it's more cheaper there compare to Palawan :)

  6. Thanks Franc, yeah this video is also a combo clips and pics. We'll do more of this video on succeeding trips.

  7. and you call this noobish! it's really nice and shows so much about your trip :)

  8. First video po namin with Vimeo :) Thanks po!

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