Sunday, July 31, 2016

Moving to Land of Rising Sun

It has been a while since we update and wrote an entry on this blog. Many things have changed since I accept a new job and relocated to a new country which by the way included on 40ish list. It wasn't an easy decision for us since we live in KL for the last five years and considered it as our second home. This blog actually mirrors our life in Malaysia. We surely missed our weekend grocery trip to Midvalley,  sipping our favorite Old town hazelnut white coffee each morning and significantly, the easy access to travel ( Bye AirAsia, teary eyes). Our KL chapter must come to an end, in order to paved way for another exciting chapter in Tokyo.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weekend Getaway on a budget in Malaysia

We all need a change of scenery every once in a while but not all of us can afford to spend a fortune. Check out our budget weekend getaway ideas in Malaysia!

Foodie fiesta: Penang
Head over to Penang where you can indulge yourself with a smorgasbord of food and experience its colorful heritage. You can drop by Bazaar Chowrasta where you can stock up on traditional pickles and snacks. Next up is the street food, but with so many options to choose from you may end up feeling, spoilt for choice! We suggest you try the Oyster Omelet (Oh Chien), Char Koay Teow, Pasembor and Cendol when you’re there.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Review: Z Hostel Makati, Philippines

Traveling around Southeast Asia becomes a trend destination for global backpackers. The million of visitors drawn to this part of Asia is increasing each year. This phenomenon was the catalyst for  more budget carrier connectivity along the region and huge demand for the hospitality business. The Philippines had well benefited of this momentum. The influx of tourists grows by heap which translates a high demand for accommodation. But apparently not all are opulent holidaymakers. Most of them are budget travelers. This is where Z Hostel came about a year ago. They are the biggest and luxurious hostel in the country. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Daybreak at Sunrise Beach Koh Lipe

06:14 01/05/2015 Cold wind blows pierced through my skin walking at the long beach line of Pattaya. Suddenly, some kind of ethereal force stops me. I lost restraint and stood still. I took a deep breath, close my eyes and sniff the saline filled the air. I felt a different vibe of energy, a kind of celestial presence. I clasped my hand and uttered on my head Sawadee. It might be the presence of Thai god manifested. I continued my rambling then I pause when some mutts pursued my lead. I looked back and greet them with a dominance smile. They look at me in the eye shyly and retreat. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

SCR, Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei

09:00 29/11/2015 On our last day in Brunei, we agreed to eat at any local food joint  for breakfast. Looking for any visible hawkers at Kampung Batu was close to none. We'd thought everyone must be cooking at their home then. We'd been eating at Jollibee Brunei for the last 48 hours. We gnaw chicken joy, devour jolli spaghetti and enjoyed yum burgers. So much of that, our stomach is already longing for dish anything to top with sambal. It didn't took a while for us to decide where in Bandar since we are eyeing on a restaurant just in front of the waterfront promenade. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Temporary Abode: Zerenity Hotel and Suites Cebu Philippines

16:00 10/09/2015 Cebu is our ideal connecting hub whenever we travel home to Davao or going back in KL. Why not Manila? Good question, as you know NAIA is a magical place when bullets summoned on your belongings by a leprechaun. A lot of sorcery and thievery happens casually and more to elaborate. Oh, not to forget the air traffic congestion which is being a norm. So we don't want to hassle our selves and waste our precious time. Anyway, going back to Cebu. Transiting in this metropolis is more easy as plentiful of accommodation to choose from. During our short visit last year, we opted to stay within the vicinity of IT Park and picked Zerenity Hotel and Suites.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Koh Lipe Trip: Island Tour A

09:00 02/05/2015 We get up from bed just when the sun rays slid through from a tiny hole on our chalet. Then hastily prep our stuff for a whole day island tour activity. Lagu beach towel, sun spray, swim wears, pair of sunnies, bit of cash, book, cameras were all put together on our waterproof bag. Next agenda was getting some  quick breakfast at 7-11. Cup noodles, nice tasty Thai breads. Not to forget our morning caffeine fix which enough to get us started. We'd walk past the famous walking street and head straight to thai beach travelers shop which we booked our island hopping tours. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Travel Mishap: Lock Up Abroad Phuket

Travelling is not all about experiencing glitzy hotels, loosening up to extreme adventures, taking unlimited selfies and cam whoring with your go pro. Every seasoned travelers will surely nod that travels are not all happy endings and kicking Voldemort's ass. When you run out of luck mishaps, tribulation, and blunders will come to the picture. Worst could be locked up abroad. That's what happened to us almost two years ago in the famous holiday destination on the planet, Phuket. Excited to know? On the next jump.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Melaka Local Foodie Trail

11:30 24/01/2016 We'd been to Melaka on numerous occasions. Each time we visit this heritage city, it never failed us to offer something new to satiate our palate. We ticked quite a number of the famous food must try's here. From cendol, Satay Celup, Ikan Bakar, Baba Nyonya Laksa, Chicken Rice Balls, Durian puffs and the list goes on. We thought we'd tried the must ones until our local guide Melissa brought us to famous food joints that only local knew about. Excited to know where our local guide brought us to? Follow our Melaka Foodie trail here.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Temporary Abode: Green View Beach Resort, Koh Lipe Thailand

14:30 30/04/2015 Gawking at the verdant and cerulean colors of the picturesque shoreline of Koh Lipe. It is surreal. The vivid photos of Green View Beach Resort we'd admired on the Agoda listing didn't lie. It's one of the handsomest beachfront we sighted. Our eyes were glued on the view and grinned. As if we're induced with laughing gas. The fifty bucks boat transfer seems worth it despite the short distance being covered. Our preview was cut short when our boat dock on the shore

Monday, February 29, 2016

Absolute Thai Street Food, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

13:45 21/02/2016 It's been a while since we savored an authentic Thai delicious street food at Koh Lipe. We'd been spoiled of freshest, Som Tam,  Pad Thai, Grilled Pork on skewers, Tom Yum and the list goes on. Though we're cooking Thai meals at home. It was never as good the ones you can buy on any street in Thailand. Our cravings for Thai street food was satiated upon our surprise discovery of this food joint at the Gardens Mall.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Temporary Abode: Aung Mingalar Hotel, Bagan Myanmar

04:00 02/05/2014 Bagan had lured global tourists enamored to its centuries old thousand temples spread along the red plains. The spike of visitor enables their tourism related business to thrive. But despite of tourists boon, we noticed the missed opportunity of catering the average spenders. It limits our search to a handful of budget accommodation. If not a dorm type, it would be a high end like luxurious Villas with private pools. Left with few choices after looking for pros and cons. We settled to a mid range hotel located in Nyaung U as our temporary abode.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Brunei in a nutshell

10:00 28/11/2015 Brunei is known as the wealthiest among the Southeast Asian nation. Blessed with abundant resources of natural gas and oil for a small country that made them as the 5th richest in the world. They're equal with Singapore Dollar value and same league as developed country. Despite being affluent they are least visited nation in the region when we talk about tourist arrivals. Ever wonder why? We're curious as well and eager to know what this Kingdom of unexpected treasure had missed to offer.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yogyakarta Trip: Prambanan Temple

11:30 05/04/2014 The fifty kilometers travel from Magelang to Yogyakarta was achieved in less than an hour. Our guide Edho willingly demonstrated his Vin Diesel skills. He was adept to maneuver fast the SUV and traverse the less taken road going to Prambanan. The narrow road, rice paddies and salak (snake fruit) fields gave us a spectacular visual delight along the journey. We reached Prambanan soonest than we expected. It's our second UNESCO heritage site for the day after fulfilling the first at Borobudur

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Review: The Explorer Hotel, Melaka Malaysia

The rapid urban development in Malacca is wholly undeniable. The once quaint town we had admired had slowly pick up the fast pace of urbanized city like KL. Now, quite a number of hotels had sprouted, that means more choices for tourists.  The Explorer Hotel is one of the many family friendly accommodation dotted the historical sites of Melaka. This hotel is known for it's ECO friendly concept which adapts conserving water and energy on it's premise. 

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